12 de julio de 2010

La inspiración de hoy

Me gusta mirar fotos de celebrities para que me sirvan de inspiración a la hora de comprar ropa. La inspiración de hoy es Olivia Palermo. Creo que tiene un look impecable, cuida hasta el último detalle de sus looks, de cabeza a los pies. Sencillamente perfecta. 
Os dejo varios de sus looks veraniegos. ¿Cual es vuestro preferido?

I like to browse celebrities picture, as they serve me as an inspiration when I buy my clothes. The inspiration for today is Olivia Palermo. I think she has a sleek look, she takes care of every detail, from head to toe. Simply perfect.
I show you some of her summer looks. Which is your favorite?

3 comentarios:

Katjusha sleepless in Berlin dijo...

thanks for your nice comment ;D the post about olivia palermo is very inspriring,she has great otufits!

you know what?!so many people told me i look like her... ehm im not quite sure ;D


Sarah dijo...

she always looks so polished! I love that about her xxx

Priscilla dijo...

my favorites are the 1. and the 3. :-)